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Supplemental Register
The Supplemental Register is a trap for the weak
If you have a trademark application pending before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you may have received a Supplemental Register advisory.  This advisory is an option to amend your...
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Lanham Act
Decoding the Lanham Act
This is more of a reference guide than a blog post, but it will be one of the most helpful resources you will encounter.  The Lanham Act is the series of statutes governing federal trademark law. ...
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Trademark application
Federal trademark application filing bases
One of the first considerations a federal trademark applicant will have to make is what the filing basis for their application should be.  This article briefly discusses those filing bases for applicants...
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Double entendre
A double entendre might make your trademark protectable
If this article wasn’t filled with double-entendres, it would be no pun.  So, I’ve added sum for a humorous effect.  I’ll do my best to keep most of my jokes in my back pocket, butt beware. Double-entendres...
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Office action
What is an office action?
If you are seeking trademark registration before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you may have received an office action.  To understand what an office action is and how it affects...
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